How the High Fiber Food Chart Works

How the high fiber food chart works is important to understand if you are going to use it. It is important to increase your daily fiber intake. A fiber chart makes that easy by listing all the foods that are high in fiber. It also lists foods that should be consumed on a regular basis. The foods show their fiber content and how many servings are needed.

Fiber is important because it helps the body absorb more liquid and makes the stomach feel full on less food. This lets you lose weight. Your body does not digest fiber therefore there are no calories attached to the fiber. This means that items high in fiber can be consumed without the fear of taking in calories. Using the fiber chart allows you to see exactly what you need from each item to achieve a high fiber diet.

If you are trying to lose weight this is especially important because you can design an entire meal around the item on this chart. Other advantages to using the fiber chart is the ability to lower cholesterol, colon cancer, reduce heart disease, hemorrhoids, constipation, diabetes, and other health concerns.

The list of health issues that can be reduced is amazing by simply choosing foods from this chart. You should consume at least 30 to 40 grams of fiber a day for maximum affect. Each of the foods is broken down into categories such as fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and beans according to the amount of fiber they provide per serving.

With this knowledge in hand you can cook meals that include at least one item from the chart in each meal. Following the guidelines and a sensible diet will result in having a healthier lifestyle and losing weight. For convenience the chart can be printed out and kept with you. You can find the chart by looking online at many different sites.