Alkaline Forming Foods & Their Benefits + Food Chart

To maintain our natural ph balance of 7.4 we need to eat 80% alkaline foods. But to eat alkaline foods we must know what the various alkaline forming foods are. By consuming these alkalizing foods we will be able to carve our road to good health and a long life.

Alkaline forming foods are mostly vegetables and fruits. Green vegetables are higher on the chart of alkaline foods. Broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, lettuce, miso, leeks are all alkaline vegetables. Even vegetables like carrots, tomatoes and potatoes with their peel all help with alkalizing. Spinach is a tricky one, if uncooked it is fine and helps with alkalinity but if we cook spinach it helps make acid. So one should try and consume spinach raw. Asparagus tips that are white are acidic and should be snipped away. Fruits like melons, mangoes, apples and bananas all help form alkaline ash. Even lemons which are acidic in their nature are actually alkalizing foods since the effect that they have on the body is alkaline. Fruits and vegetables are all alkaline forming food but care should be taken that they are cleaned thoroughly before consumption so as not to consume harmful chemicals along with these benefits.

Even though vegetables and fruits are alkaline forming foods they are not the only ones. Olive oil is a high alkaline forming food and one should try and cook all their food in it. Other oils such as vegetable oils and fats like butter are bad and acidic foods. Avocado butter is an alkaline forming food and should be substituted for normal butter. In fact milk and milk products are acidic and should be avoided. Almonds are alkaline forming food and are also power houses of energy. People of all ages should have a few almonds everyday. Honey also helps restore the alkaline/acid balance and has great healing powers. For a sour throat try some honey with lemon and ginger and you will feel the difference instantly. Garlic is excellent at helping with alkalinity. Try and add garlic to most of your recipes.

For those who like their beverages a word of advice stay away from coffee and tea. These are acidic foods. Alkaline forming beverages are herbal teas, coffee substitutes and fresh lemon water. These can be safely consumed without harming the body or exposing it to diseases. One the other hand sodas and alcoholic drinks are highly acidic foods. One should consume fresh foods as opposed to processed foods since the latter is acidic in nature. Processed foods are all bad for the body and should be avoided completely.

But another very important requirement of the body is water. Normal water does not benefit the body as much as alkalizing water does. Alkalizing water, as the name suggests, helps form alkaline and so is greatly beneficial to the body. Consuming about 6 to 8 glasses of alkaline water is very healthy for the body and also helps maintain the ph balance so keeping the body away from all the diseases as well preventing cell degeneration.

Alkaline forming foods are the best gifts we can give our bodies. Only they can help the body develop a strong immune system.