Acid Alkaline Food Chart – How to Lose Weight With Alkaline Diet

Are you tired of looking for some diet tips that will eventually trim your body fats down? Many people are wondering how they will lose weight. It is a big problem in the Western countries. An acid alkaline food chart will be the answer to your problem.

The first thing we need to understand is the cause of fat accumulation. We gain weight because we eat a lot of acid foods. These acid foods consist of meat, pasta, rice, alcohols, caffeine, frizzy, sweets, pastries, processed foods and others.

If you suffer from weight gain, you can surely say that these acid foods have made you bigger than you are supposed to be.

The acids bind with fats inside our body. That is why when there is too much acid in the body the accumulation of fat is higher. Therefore, you tend to gain much more weight.

Alkaline foods are the ones known to be good for us. With large alkaline food intake, you can eliminate waste products such as toxins and other fats easily.

How can you surely lose weight with the alkaline acid diet?

• Maintain a balanced pH in the body.

It is the most important thing to remember in having alkaline diet. You have to maintain around 7.35 pH level of body fluid. This way, you will be free from any illnesses. You will lose weight. Obesity is a kind of sickness.

You should remember that you must eat 75-80% of alkaline foods and 20-25% of acid foods. Alkaline foods are fresh fruits and vegetables.

A balanced pH condition makes no way for toxins to accumulate in the body. The cells will then live healthier. Therefore, there will be no malignant cells.

Malignant cells cause cancer. These cancer cells are brought by high acidity.

• Concentrate on eating high alkaline foods.

You need to focus on eating foods that are highly alkaline. You can see these foods from an acid alkaline food chart.

It might be difficult for you in the beginning to just choose alkaline foods and only minimal amount of acid foods. But, it really needs discipline. And, if you have your goal, you should always be inspired to reach that specific purpose.

You need to lose weight and losing weight takes extra effort and endeavours. You can take some medicines that promise abrupt weight loss effect but they do have side effects and are not good at all.

• Salt intake must be limited.

Limit you salt intake by using Celtic Sea Salt. It has higher alkaline content than table salt.

• Take in high alkaline grains.

High alkaline grains such as barley, buckwheat, brown rice and spelt are good choices in losing weight. Tortillas and sprouted grain breads are also advisable to eat.

You will now surely lose weight with the help of some of these tips. You just need to be determined. You should always remember that when nothing is ventured, nothing is gained!

It does not necessarily mean that you should give up the acid foods. You can still have them but in minimal amounts.